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Multicultural Education

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Multicultural Education

Monthly Culture Focus

Our Human Relations Council and our Principal's Advisory group will create monthly culture presentations and activities to build an understanding of the diverse cultures on our campus.
  • September: Hispanic Heritage
  • October: Asian Indian Culture 
  • November: Native American & Indigenous People
  • December: Winter Holiday Celebrations
  • January: Overcoming Challenges
  • February: Black History
  • March: Women's History
  • April: Autism Awareness
  • May: Asian Heritage

Diwali & Rangoli Art

Diwali is one of the most important and popular holidays in India.  Diwali takes place in the fall of each year and is celebrated over 5 days. Considered a festival of light, the Indian people celecrate by lighting clay lamps outside their homes and decorating the floors with intricate designs made of colored pwders and sand.  At Fancher Creek, our students experience Diwali by creating Rangoli art during recess.  Students select colored sand to fill in designs drawn on the blacktop.  This has become a beloved Falcon tradition that brings our students together to create beautiful, large scale artwork.  

Everyone Counts!

Our Benchmark English Language Arts textbook provides our students with diverse literature and informational text that reflects the diversity on the Fancher Creek campus.  Our teachers use the information learned from their daily reading lessons to develop activities and experiences to deepen student learning.  From Martin Luther King Jr. and Holidays Around the World to Autism Awareness and Day of the Dead, our students are learning about the important contributions of all people from around the world and across time.  

Cultural Dress Up Day

As part of our second quarter multicultural activity, Fancher Creek hosts a school-wide Cultural Dress Up Day.  Students and staff enjoy showing their culture and heritage through a single clothing item or piece of jewelry to an elaborate celebratory outfit that represents significant events in their families.  Everyone walks a bit taller on Cultural Dress Up Day which shows us that it is a cherished Fancher Creek tradition and an important part of our mission to value each Falcon for the special individuals they are.
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