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Fancher Creek Culture

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Fancher Creek Culture

Value Our Traditions & Celebrate Our Uniqueness

At Fancher Creek, we aim to create an environment that supports every Falcon.  By celebrating everyone's unique talents and gifts, our students learn that they have a purpose and make a positive difference.  Our focus on buliding relationships, recognizing character strengths, and providing opportunities for students to engage outside of the classroom supports our school-wide culture.  We are a Falcon Family and want our kids to know they are loved, cared for, and matter to us. 

Falcons Have Character & Empathy!

At Fancher Creek, we believe in developing the whole child.  We want our students to grow into involved scholars who possess strong character values.  One way we teach students about character and grow their abilty to empathize with others is with the Positvity Project.  This resource focuses on the 24 character strengths that are within each of us.  Students learn a new character strength each week, participate in teacher-guided discussions, and see the strength in action through multimedia presentations.  Positivity Project time has become a favorite part of our students and teachers school days and we are proud to be a P2 School!  Our Falcons are proud to use their character to show that #otherpeoplematter!

Falcons Have FUN!

At Fancher Creek, we work hard and play hard.  We make no apologies about enjoying our students and colleagues, so we build in opportunities to celebrate to build a sense of family and inclusion.  Our Student Council sponsors Character Counts! Week and Red Ribbon Week Dress-Up Days and activities each October.  In February, we celebrate Kindness Week and our work to undestand that Other People Matter through our Positivity Project lessons. These events are in addition to our monthly and quarterly multicultural activities.  One of our favorite traditions doing the Cha Cha Slide as a Falcon Family at our quarterly rallies.  It is quite a sight to see 900 students and staff stomping, clapping, and sliding to the beat. We love our Falcons and love having fun with them!

Falcons Are Involved!

 In Clovis Unified, we believe in being the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit.  By providing activities, teams, clubs, and groups for students to join, we build self-esteem, develop talents, and encourage students to make positive choices in their lives.  By staying involved in school, students are less likely to seek outside opportunities to feel a part of a team and stay focused on academics. 
At Fancher Creek, we are proud to recognize and support student participation in school-sponsored clubs, competitive teams,  organizations, and groups.  We acknowledge and celebrate students' hard work and dedication at award ceremonies, school-wide announcements, and rallies.  Our students grow and develop into well-rounded citizens who value teamwork and collaboration because of our district's philosophy.  We are incredibly proud of our Falcons!
Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit
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